We operate on most major highways and with municipalities. Our differentiator is that we deliver enterprise-grade solutions for a value that’s unmatched.


Bark blowing

Erosion blankets

Erosion Socks

Straw blowing

Heavy equipment float service



  • Mulch seed, fertilizer and Tackifier
  • Bonded fibre matrix (BFM)
  • Fibre Reinforced Matrix (FRM)
  • FRM infilled TRM (Green Armour, Green Guard)
  • Biotic Soil Amendment (BSA): Biotic
  • Earth Black, Proganics
  • Additional Soil Amendments: Ph modification, additional water holding, improve soil structure
  • Dust Control
  • T330 Titan on Freightliner
  • T330 on six wheel drive International

Bark Blowing


  • Bark Mulch
  • Pneumatically applied compost and seed (similar to Terra seeding)
  • Rill filling
  • Finn 1208 Series Blower
  • Playground mulch installation
  • Decorative mulch
  • Compost blowing
  • Aggregate blowing
  • Soil blowing

Erosion Blanket Installation


  • Single netting straw
  • Double netting straw
  • Coconut blanket
  •  Coir matting
  • Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM)

Erosion Sock


  • Filter socks
  • Slope interruption device (SID)
  • Inlet protection
  • Check dams
  •  9”, 12”, 18”, 24”, 36”
  • Biodegradable sock
  • Vegetated/non-vegetated

Straw blowing


  •  FINN B-260 Straw Blower
  • Temporary cover
  • Late season seeding

Other Services

Fence installation

  • Heavy duty Silt Fence
  • Light Duty Silt Fence
  • Construction fence


  • Case Skid Steer TVL 380
  • JCB Z85 excavator
  • Case CB36
  • Case 580 Super M Backhoe

Sub drain and sewer installation

Creek cleanup & restoration

  • Manual labour pool

Concrete cable matting

Tree clearing

  • Fecon BH74SS Mulcher

Labour pool

  • Safety certifications

Job supervision

  • Manual labour pool

Equipment float

  • Freightliner 5th wheel tandem drive axles
  • Sierra 3500 HD diesel
  • Tag along trailers

Snow ploughing

  • Case580 with 15’ Snow Plough
  • F250 with snow plough

Six straw blowing

  • JCB 930 rough terrain forklift